We can begin 2D imaging at 13 weeks. Ultrasound is most accurate for determining gender at 16 weeks and beyond. Because of this, gender determination will not be available before 16 weeks. 

Perfect for when you just can't wait to see your baby or if you're dying to find out if it's a boy or girl! Baby is still quite small at this age, so face pictures are not yet clear.

Baby is at the half way mark at 20 weeks. Facial features are forming, but baby is still working on putting on some weight to get those chubby cheeks that we love to see. 

The most ideal time to get an elective ultrasound. Those cheeks are filling out and distinct facial features are more developed. Will baby look like mom or dad? 28 weeks is our favorite time to scan.

This is a tricky time! It is more difficult to get good face images after 32 weeks due to the lack of space. However, it IS very possible to get excellent images depending on several factors. It is just more unpredictable at this stage.

Baby is getting a little crowded while waiting for his or her birthday! We may be able to get some hands or feet pictures, but good face shots can be very difficult to capture. We hope to see you before this late in your pregnancy.

before 16 weeks

16-20 weeks

21-27 Weeks

28-32 weeks

33-36 weeks

37+ Weeks